The new Polish government wants the European Army and hits NATO

The new Polish government wants the European Army and hits NATO, UK, and the USA


The new Polish government wants the European Army and hits NATO, UK, and the USA

Poland is no longer pro-Atlantic but it is pro-European and pro-German. Let us remind you that the Old Polish Government consisted of pro-American politicians whose priority was building a strong Polish Army based on the American army, and the current minister of National Defense scrapped submarine plans for the Polish Army.

The head of the ruling conservative party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski together with the president Andrzej Duda have completely changed the Government and the policy of Poland, what should give British and American politicians food for thought. The new Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki, a former employee of the German bank, when meeting Mrs May, spoke about the alliance with London, unfortunately he has changed his mind and now is saying something different and supports the idea of ​​Germany and Brussels building a European Army that may take away money intended for NATO and become the beginning of the end of residence American troops in Europe. Why should we have two armies on the old continent? Countries belonging to NATO do not pay the required deposit and now they will have to pay for the European Army.

Great Britain must understand that Poland is not an ally of the UK but an ally of Germany.  Warsaw want money from London after Brexit and they want to create the European Army. This is the choice of the conservative PIS Party. The British media write that Poland wants to leave the EU, wants to be an ally of the UK in the fight against Brussels. Unfortunately, they do not understand the truth about Poland.

Below are the words of Polish Prime Minister saying he supports the construction of the European Army, to be equipped by Germany and France, as Shultz said in December, that United States of Europe is to be formed by 2025, which subordinates all countries and their taxes, currency, police and armies.


Polish Prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki, supports the European Army.


Brexit must come through and the United Kingdom must be a country that will show and give opportunities for other countries in Europe to develop, so they will not want to belong to United States of Europe built by Germany that affect the political decisions of Brussels.

Konrad W


9 lutego 2018