Prawa pracy i pracownika w tym Polaków po Brexit zostają utrzymane

Prawa pracy i pracownika w tym Polaka po Brexit zostają utrzymane

Według białej księgi po wyjściu Wielkiej Brytanii z Unii Europejskiej prawo Brytyjskie będzie nad prawem Unii Europejskiej .

Jednak niektóre prawa obecnie już istniejące zostają w obecnym kształcie a nawet będą jeszcze bardziej szły do przodu.

Dokument Legislating for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union mówi wyraźnie że prawa pracownika będą dalej utrzymane takie jakie są a nawet będą się rozwijać.

Ponadto zachowane zostają prawa do prowadzenia biznesów jak i ich ochrona.


oto kilka słów potwierdzających .

Workers’ rights and equalities

The Great Repeal Bill will convert EU law into domestic law. This means that the workers’ rights that are enjoyed under EU law will continue to be available in UK law after we have left the EU. Where protections are provided by the EU treaties as a final ‘backstop’ – such as the right to rely on Article 157 of TFEU (equal pay) directly in court – they will also be preserved. Protections are further strengthened by the Great Repeal Bill’s incorporation of CJEU case law (see paragraphs 2.12 to 2.17), which means that where workers’ rights have been extended by CJEU judgments, those rights will continue to be protected in the UK once we have left the EU. In a number of areas, UK employment law already goes further than the minimum standards set out in EU legislation, and this Government will continue to protect and enhance the rights people have at work.

Furthermore, all the protections covered in the Equality Act 2006, the Equality Act 2010 and equivalent legislation in Northern Ireland will continue to apply once the UK has left the EU. This approach will give certainty to service providers and users, as well as employees and employers, creating stability in which the UK can grow and thrive

Environmental protection

The Government is committed to ensuring that we become the first generation to leave the environment in a better state than we found it. The UK’s current legislative framework at national, EU and international level has delivered tangible environmental benefits, such as cleaner rivers and reductions in emissions of sulphur dioxide and ozone depleting substances emissions. Many existing environmental laws also enshrine standards that affect the trade in products and substances across different markets, within the EU as well as internationally.

The Great Repeal Bill will ensure that the whole body of existing EU environmental law continues to have effect in UK law. This will provide businesses and stakeholders with maximum certainty as we leave the EU. We will then have the opportunity, over time, to ensure our legislative framework is outcome driven and delivers on our overall commitment to improve the environment within a generation. The Government recognises the need to consult on future changes to the regulatory frameworks, including through parliamentary scrutiny.

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oto pełny dokument tzn Bill white paper






11 kwietnia 2017
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