Praca dla kobiet £750 na dzień, bez języka w Manchester


Praca dla kobiet £750 na dzień bez języka w Manchester


Chcesz zarobić i zrobić dobry uczynek na tym świecie.

Możesz zarobić 750 funtów za dzień, po prostu oddaj jajeczka kobiece.

Wymaganie, wiek do 35 lat , kobieta nie może palić ani nadużywać alkoholu, może nawet przyjechać z Polski.

Egg donation – help someone to start a family

For many women, using donated eggs is their only hope of getting pregnant. They may be unable to produce their own eggs, have suffered from premature menopause or required treatment that left them unable to conceive.

Despite growing demand for egg donations, there is a shortage of egg donors in the UK. Without donations, we cannot help to give people the chance to start a family. By donating your eggs, you could give those who have lost hope of starting a family the greatest gift they could ever receive.

At Manchester Donors, we strive to raise awareness of the need for egg donors and the amazing opportunities egg donation offers those in need. We need healthy women like you to donate your eggs. As an egg donor, you will receive £750 for each donation cycle, including expenses, as compensation for your time and generosity.

Will you help to give the greatest gift of all?


Tel: 0161 300 2730  Email:

Our Address

Manchester Fertility – Amelia House
3 Oakwood Square
Cheadle Royal Business Park
Cheadle, Cheshire – SK8 3FS

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19 września 2017
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