Polak oskarżony o posiadanie pistoletu w centrum miasta Huddersfield


Polski mężczyzna został oskarżony o posiadanie pistoletu w centrum Huddersfield

W piątek około godziny 16.00 , 23 letni mężczyzna został zatrzymany przez Policje. Jak zeznała pracownica restauracji fast foodów w centrum Huddersfield , z kieszeni mężczyzny wypadł pistolet. Klienci w lokali byli przerażeni.

Konrad W

Ucz się języka angielskiego.————————————

Polish man charged with possessing loaded air gun in Huddersfield town centre
A man arrested in Huddersfield town centre yesterday did have a loaded air-gun, police have confirmed. Detectives at Huddersfield CID have said the man, who was caught in Burger Time at 4pm, was a 23-year-old Polish man.

He has been charged with possessing a loaded air weapon in a public place and bailed.Terrified shoppers ran for cover yesterday in Huddersfield town centre following reports that a man had a handgun.Police were called to John William Street at 4pm and quickly tracked the young man to the hamburger restaurant Burger Time.

It is thought the air-gun was a realistic looking imitation weapon.A female Burger Time staff member, who didn’t want to be named, told The Examiner the gun „fell out” of the man’s trousers as he was arrested by officers in the fast food restaurant.
A bystander told The Examiner there had been a “mass brawl” between drinkers but police have not yet confirmed what had sparked the incident



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