Is Russia using weather to atack countries after some political events

Is Russia using weather, unprecedented meteorological conditions come after some political events


Something is wrong in the world with this weather.

Example 1

Let’s go back to February 7, 2011. Japan’s prime minister Naoto Kan appeared on Monday at an annual rally in Tokyo demanding the return of several disputed Kuril Islands, controlled by Russia since the Second World War.

We did not have to wait long and here we had an earthquake in the Japanese Islands, but the worst was yet to come. The sea wave that hit Japan. Thousands of people died, there was a radioactive contamination from a damaged nuclear power plant, the country was destroyed. We had an earthquake on March 11, 2011. The scale of damage was unbelievable.

Example 2

In August 2017, Donald Trump signed the next and very serious sanctions imposed on Moscow, which made Vladimir Putin angry, everyone thought that Trump would cooperate after Barak Obama, the Russian chief once said before the presidential election that if Clinton wins he might come to war. Russia believed that Trump would allow Moscow to do everything and accept the occupation of the Crimea.

 On September 11, 2017, the terrific Typhoon Irma hits Florida. Wind reaching 112 km / ph damaged many homes and contributed to the death of people. 100,000 households did not have electricity, water flooded half of Florida. The scale of destruction was unbelievable, people never saw such a tornado.

Example 3

November 2017. Prime Minister May gave a speech where she criticized Russia for actions that hit international order. The British Prime Minister accused the Kremlin of manipulating elections in other countries and a number of other negative moves. „We know exactly what you are doing, but you will not succeed,” said May. Russia uses information like weapons, the media it controls produce fake news and publish digitally manipulated photographs, „she added. May also referred to the illegal annexation of the Crimea and the conflict in Donbass, which she believed was fueled by the Kremlin. Theresa May also mentioned the repeated violation of European airspace by Russian planes as well as hackers who broke into the Danish Ministry of Defense.

February 2018: Siberian winter comes over the UK and Siberia is far from the UK; it is in a different geographical zone. This winter should attack Eastern or Central Europe.Cold, snowfall and wind are so massive that airports, trains, schools and highways do not work – the country is paralyzed.


Maybe Russia uses weather changes for its political goals and intimidation. In Russia, there is a station for weather changes called „Sura” Station.

The station operates on the principle that it bombards the ionosphere with loads of electricity diverted to any place on earth. The charge from the height of 65-645 km reaches the surface of the earth, making numerous weather changes. Radio telescope antennas emit low frequency waves. The waves heat up the ionosphere and their stream is directed towards the ground. Electromagnetic waves penetrate virtually everything, and their appropriate intensity can cause vibrations or pushing of tectonic plates.

Maybe that’s why there was such a big earthquake near Japan. Perhaps a big, unusual tornado in Florida and now a Siberian storm in the UK is not a work of nature !!! Bringing chaos at the enemy is also a form of combat. There are many questions ….

Can Russia change the weather for politics? Does the UK and the US have the ability to defend against such an attack?

Do we have weather incidents or are there human interferences or Russia is using some other method to attack countries with weather ?

Does Russia have a meteorological weapon?

But there are no such things as coincidences ….

J. B.


2 marca 2018