Europe in chaos, remove Merkel, Tusk and Juncker to save the EU

European Union


Chaos in Europe continues.

How long for?

Two terrorist attacks in Paris, Berlin, murder of a social worker in Sweden, wrecked cities, now Brussels.

What is behind this chaos?

The answer is immediate:

It is the fault of politicians in Brussels who cannot defend the borders of the European Union.

A year ago, when huge numbers of people from Syria (war-torn and with large numbers of ISIS terrorists) forced the borders of the EU, the EU bosses were going to send additional funds. Greece, Italy and France should get funding to close and strengthen the borders of the EU.

Unfortunately the EU chief, with Juncker and Merkel, is taking action for which he should be prosecuted by the Tribunal at The Hague, why?

The decision to let so many enter the EU without passports, without control is a “death sentence” for the safety of all the inhabitants of the EU.

No one listened to David Cameron who stated that the UK will only accept people who have been checked by intelligence services, with real passports from the migrant camps, and that food and clothing should be sent to those in need.

Unfortunately the Union Trio made decisions to let in people outside the Union without listening to others – indeed while threatening other countries with penalties. Result: terrorist attacks and disturbances in Europe, deaths of innocent people and, most importantly, the breach of fundamental UE law – that a person entering the EU must have a valid ID and a visa.

It is because of Tusk, Merkel and Juncker that we have chaos in Europe, deaths, and danger for the safety of inhabitants. These politicians should be sacked and placed before the Tribunal.

These politicians give Turkey 4 milliards instead of using the money to strengthen the borders, building housing in Syria for people to return to and aid in place.

Summing the deaths due to irresponsible policies of the Union bosses:

7 Jan 2015 – terrorist attack on premises of the weekly “Charlie Hebdo” in Paris -12 dead. Continued attacks till 9 January.

Jan 2015 Sweden – young woman working for social help knifed to death

9 Jan 2015 – hostages taken in a hypermarket “Hyper Casher”. Terrorist Amedy Coulibaly, died with 5 hostages.

4 Feb 2015 Copenhagen, Denmark – first shooting in a café Krudttønden during a debate on “Art, Blasphemy and Freedom of Expression” organised by Lars Wilks – one participant dead, 3 policemen wounded. Second shooting at a synagogue – 3 wounded, of whom one later died in hospital. Last shooting at Nørrebro station – terrorist opened fire on police and was shot.

13 Nov 2015 Paris – 3 explosions and 6 shootings in quick succession. Bombs in Stade de France, north St. Dennis. Bloody attack in theatre Bataclan, hostages taken and exchange of fire with police. 137 dead, of which 87 at Bataclan. 300 wounded of which 99 in serious condition.

March 2016 Brussels – bombs, 37 dead, 170 wounded of which 90 critically.


The politicians in Brussels engage in absurd trivia: whether eggs should be sold by weight, the curvature of bananas, they threaten other countries trying to make the slaves of the EU; they interfere in the internal matters of sovereign states, levy taxes such as “tampon tax”.

People in the UK are fed up with diktats from Brussels, resulting in a Brexit referendum, thus negotiating better terms for the British.


The Brussels politicians do nothing to increase benefits for families in Eastern Europe and to decrease the migration of families to Western Europe.

Internal migration is breaking up Europe from the inside (huge numbers of Poles, Rumanians, Hungarians, Slovakians and Lithuanians in England, Holland, Ireland and Scandinavia.

European tourism has fallen – Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Italy – hardly anyone flies there for shopping and holidays.

What else?

What else is needed to wake up the countries of Europe and make them dismiss Tusk, Juncker and Merkel from power? Only rapid dismissal can save the EU from breaking up. If England leaves the EU it will be because of the catastrophic policies of this trio.

Europeans die, poverty among families of Eastern Europe, Schengen virtually non-existent, collapse of tourism.

translate – Kristof J.






16 kwietnia 2016