Bartłomiej Plisiecki prosi Polaków o pomoc, nowotwór – Anglia

Wielka Brytania

Chciałam siė zwrócić do Państwa z ogromną prośbą o pomoc w zbiórce pieniędzy dla Bartłomieja Plisieckiego na walkę z nowotworem który został wykryty u Niego w maju br. Bartek przeszedł już przez najsilniejszą dostępną chemioterapię w UK która niestety nie przyniosła oczekiwanego rezultatu. Jego jedyną szansą na życie pozostało leczenie w prywatnej klinice w Polsce. Jest jednak potrzebne £10,000 a czas pozostały nieststy nie sprzyja powyższej kwocie.
Desperacyjnie proszę Państwa o pomoc!!!

Zbiórka pieniędzy choć  1 lub 5 funtów – klknij tutaj – może kiedyś ty będziesz potrzebował więc każdy ci też pomoże.



Bartek Plisiecki is 37 and loving father of 4 year old Ramiel and beloved fiancé. When he came into our lives it was a dream come true we couldn’t ask for more to bless our lives. The day that he proposed was the most special day in my life.
The next day turned to be the worst day of my life. Bartek was admitted to hospital with bad back and chest pain also coughing up blood. He has been diagnosed with Primitive neuroectodermal tumour PNET. It`s a rare malignant cancerous neural crest tumour. It has been found in his lungs, stomach, neck and in hip. Bartek previously won (or as he thought as the time) battle with Testicular Cancer at 21 years of age.
He’s very strong and motivated individual who is not giving up easily. Doctors decided for my fiancé to undertake 6 double cycles of chemotherapy available in UK. He has completed 4 cycles of chemotherapy which exhausted him mentally and physically.  On the 4th Oct the doctor announced that the cancer has spread and this has significantly reduced Bartek’s prognosis and chances of survival. It has reduced the treatment options available through the NHS. Doctor has given him a few weeks of life. However we have started desperately seeking to obtain the support, knowledge and expertise of the leading medical professionals in this field here in the UK and abroad. It showed us a new light in the tunnel. We found treatments available for this rare cancer that are not accessible through NHS we realised that it is impossible for us to cover costs of the treatment Bartek needs so desperately. Total cost of the treatment is £10,000.
Time is of the essence and we can’t afford any further delays! We must do whatever we can to speed things up and obtain the best treatment. This is why we are seeking all the help available and believing in good people like YOU. Please HELP US not let cancer to take away the love of my live, son, brother, great friend and most importantly does not let my little boy grow up without his loving dad


Po chemioterapii


14 listopada 2016
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